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LED Chaser


Led Chaser Kit, assembled ( 2 driver and 1 controller board) and tested, all you need is a 12Vdc 20Amp supply, Led strings, a project box and some wire 22awg 4 conductor wire.
Can handle qty 8 , 1 to 5 meter (60leds/m) led strips (no resistors required as these led strips operate from 12Vdc).
Max 10 Amps each driver board (two driver boards required).
Driver boards are fused @ 10 amps and control board @1.5 Amps.
Remote control and 8 male pigtails for Leds included.

For best results place Qty 8 5050 RGB (60leds/m) led strings about 12 inches apart horizontally.

Check video where I made a vertical totem pole with Tricolor leds :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwj0MF07SVI